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Rebekah Jo, Alchemy, Dragon, Energy Healer

The Rising Awakened Woman is being called to Heal
to claim her gifts,
to Rise up and Shine her unique light.

The world needs that Light, now more than ever


To the Courageous Awakening Woman,

To the woman that faces her fears head on, the woman that has an inner knowing that she is here for a Purpose.

The woman that works in the shadows knowing that the light is coming around the corner.

The woman who is here to break the ancestral patterns and inherited emotional baggage to set her family FREE.

The woman who wants to make a difference but keeps getting in her own way.

The woman who sees challenges as a means of transforming some unseen aspect of her being.


The woman that is ready to RISE into her unlimited potential. 

The woman that has the courage to Do. The. Work.

Ive been thru the depths of darkness many times, I've faced my demons, done the work and I am standing with outstretched hand to you brave Sister

They say that the butterfly, before it emerges endures intense pain as it radically transforms in the chrysalis - this stage is called the transition.

But without it, it does not grow its wings and fly, experiencing a whole new world than before.

There is a whole new world waiting for you, one in which you experience freedom,


Freedom to be, do and have what lights you up. 

In stepping more fully into my purpose, I have been called to Rise up and support those on the Awakening and Healing path.

I'm Ready when you are,

Rebekah Jo

Meet Rebekah Jo 

Healer, Mentor, Angel Guide and Intuitive Light Leader



" I loved that she gave me a solid explanation of where many of my emotional blocks came from and also helped me release some heavy generational burdens I didn't need to keep carrying. Rebekah's abilities are fascinating and she has a passion for what she does.

- Karen M.

       Charlotte NC

"Releasing long held emotions that are no longer serving me really allowed me to move forward and make more progress within my own personal development...the removal of my heart wall gave me a new understanding of how past experiences were affecting my current relationships and allowed me to see the clearly how I could move forward in giving and receiving love. 

- Lori M.

      Fort Mill, SC

“Ive known for a long time that my heart was blocked.  Ive worked with balancing my heart chakra but after I experienced a Heart Wall removal with Rebekah I now feel open to love, not only in romantic relationships but with myself! ”

- Candace S


I am so grateful that Rebekah shared her gifts with me and for the time and energy she brought to the reading radiated with so much love.  She helped me in ways she may never know.  My spirits were lifted even though she shared what I need to know, not what I wanted to hear.  

- Janie S

What I Specialize In

Dragon Priestess

Channel of Healing Energy from the Dragon Realm here on Earth to support its ascension 


Transmuter of Energy

Supporting transformation in the emotional, spiritual, energetic bodies

Channeling Healing and Guidance from the Angelic Realms

Frequency Elevation thru Energy Work and my Triple R Method.




Mentorship for Courageous Women on the Path of Spiritual Awakening

No events at the moment

Instagram @iamrebekahjo

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